2018 Class Schedule
Level 1 - Beginner Lesson Program
11:00am - Noon  
Sept. 8th - Oct. 27 8 weeks $40.00
Nov. 3rd - Dec. 15th 7 weeks $35.00
All classes include skate rental & class instruction by qualified teachers.
Parents can skate for
FREE with their enrolled child.
All Ages are welcome. You can arrive at 10:45am to get skates
on and warm up prior to class.
What will you learn in Level 1 ?
Safety in skating, how to fall & get up properly.  Forward skating with good balance. Fun, safe
moves to interact with music. Understanding the concept of balance on wheels.
How to have fun skating!!!

LEVEL 2 & 3
12:00pm - 1:00pm  Level 2 & 3
Sept. 8th - Oct. 27 8 weeks $4
Nov. 3rd - Dec. 15th 7 weeks $
What will you learn in Level 2 & 3?
Backward skating, More advance forward moves, How to control skates & understanding edges of
skates. Control in skating faster, Jumps & spins, Music interaction, dance etc.,
How to have MORE fun skating!!
All classes include skate rental & class instruction by qualified teachers.
(parents skate free with enrolled child).

To enroll in the 2 & 3 Level class you must have taken our Level 1 class OR be tested by the
teacher, Lisa Trent. Please contact Lisa at 443-7375 & she can set
up a short test to take.

Jr. Artistic Club - Level 4
(Cost:  Monthly membership)
To sign up for the Artistic Team you must
have completed Levels 1-3.
If you already have Artistic training,
please contact the Coach
Lisa Trent at (573) 443-7375.
or email:

To register: You can sign up the day of class 15 minutes prior to the class starting.
You can also pre-register by emailing us at:  Lisa@empirerollerrink.com
Lisa Trent: Owner & Head Coach of the Artistic Skate Club. She has been teaching for 6 years
in the sport of Artistic & basic quality roller skating lessons.  Lisa enjoys the sport of roller skating
very much. She especially loves to work with the little kids when they "fall in love" with roller
Emma Trent: World champion skater and certified coach.
And members of the Artistic Competitive Team at Empire Roller Rink.
Empire's Teachers:
Click here to enroll !!
Roller Skating is Healthy and Fun
A Great Way to Develop Balance and Coordination for a Wide Range of
Sports and Activities While Learning to Skate
No matter what your level, we can teach you new tricks, from standing
up to skating backwards.