Dear Family, Friends, Colleagues & Customers,

After 80 years of family skating Empire Roller Rink is closing.  I have been trying to sell the Empire
Roller Rink as a Roller Rink for many years but with no success.
I at the age of 75 needing to retire have decided to sell the building to Show-Me Central Habitat for
Humanity, a great community organization.

I am happy to say my life has been a wonderful adventure at the roller rink. My entire family has roller
skated, worked and participated with me at the Empire. Many of you may know that I have played
Roller Hockey most of my life and have shared this experience with my son including winning 4 National
Championships.  My youngest daughter skated Artistic Figure skating not only won many National
Championship titles, she also competed 7 times at the Artistic World Championships.

I have had so many wonderful experiences sharing skate memories with friends & families, such as
birthday parties, reunions, school outings, church events and of course those FAMOUS "Roller
Keggers" (back in the day)!!  I have made more friends than I can count.  

I want to personally thank all of you. I am very grateful for 75 years of owning the Empire Roller Rink
and growing up in the great city of Columbia Missouri.

Willie Trent